Real Estate

Getting the most money from land that has development potential requires a specialized approach, and we have the data to prove it.

The Case Study

Below is the unfortunate scenario we see all the time. This is a sampling of properties with development potential that were sold on market, in a traditional way more customary to a residential single-family property. All of the properties listed below had development potential and had similar characteristics. Very little detailed information was provided about the properties, and little to no feasibility data was included in the listing. You can see that 100% of the listing closed below asking price by an average of 33.5%. This happened during one of the hottest markets periods we have ever experience. We are confident that with our model we could have brought significant value to these deals, and saved each one of these landowners from the loss they suffered as a result of an incorrect valuation, insufficient project data, and a weak negotiating position.        (Study based on MLS data)

There is a better way!

It starts with feasibility...

Even if you have very limited time to get your land sold, there is still an opportunity to complete even the most basic level of due diligence to help inform buyers about the details of your land and add $$ to the offers you receive.

Land - Risk = Value

... And ends with a proactive sales approach.

Listing your land on the MLS and waiting for prospective buyers to see it is a good start... but what if your strongest buyers aren't looking there?


In addition to the traditional listing databases that everyone advertises on, we take it a giant step further with a proactive approach to finding buyers. We utilize the relationships we have industry wide to target and directly market to the strongest buyers, including local and public builders. With this approach we also aim to create a competitive landscape with multiple buyers competing against each other to ensure you receive the best offer the market has to offer.