Land Development

Success is equal parts strategy and execution.

Our Process

With over two decades of experience in different disciplines of the industry, we have come to understand that while the development process is primarily prescriptive in nature, each project has its own unique set of attributes. For this reason, we believe that a project’s success truly begins at conception. We also believe that you are only as strong as your team, that is why we have dedicated an extensive amount of time to vetting our consultants to ensure that we work with the top professionals in the industry. This ensures not only efficiency in process, but also reliable execution, and clear communication. Through collaboration, trust, and integrity we are able to maintain a high level of accuracy, adaptability, and productivity, to deliver projects that meet and often exceed all stakeholder expectations. 


Every project must start with a solid strategy. Landowner needs, community input, utility extensions, and many other considerations make planning a vital first step in our process.


Feasibility is the comprehensive process of evaluating a project. Through a combination of field analysis/testing, surveying, and jurisdictional meetings. We compile the necessary information to evaluate a projects viability. This is the make it or break it point for our project.   

Land Use & Entitlements 

Entitlements is the process of completing all necessary land use applications, zoning changes, annexation, and obtaining the proper jurisdictional approvals needed for the project. We work with City/County authorities, community leaders, state and local government agencies, and the public to ensure cohesive, compliant designs that serve the greater good of the community and the environment.   

Civil Design & Approvals

This is the home stretch in the approvals process. This is when all of the major infrastructures of the development (roads, sidewalks, utilities, stormwater, and community facilities) are engineered, and a detailed set of plans is created and submitted for jurisdictional approval. We leverage not only our own depth of knowledge, but more importantly the knowledge of our industry leading engineering consultants to ensure accuracy, longevity, and optimal functionality

Typical Land Use Timeline


Infrastructure construction is the phase when everything starts to come together. What was once just on paper, comes to life and the infrastructure for the future community begins to take shape. Lasting quality is our main focus in this stage. We are only as good as our end result, and it is imperative that we deliver a product that embodies trust... Trust in our commitment to quality, trust in our ability to deliver, and a trust in the longevity of our finished product.


The embodiment of what we do. We strive to build communities that promote togetherness, support, pride of ownership, and a true sense of camaraderie. We work with the top local and public builders to bring our communities to life.